Apple TV vs Smart TV vs Roku - Health Adjacent

Apple TV vs Smart TV vs Roku - Health Adjacent

It''s possible to live well with a chronic illness...all you need is a little strategy and a sense of humor.

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Apple TV vs Smart TV vs Roku

I am a big fan of tv...and a big fan of tech gadgets. Ive tried several different methods for receiving tv-style content and today I am going to tell you my faves. In fact, Id say that living with a disabling illness like fibro has made me a connoisseur of all things television and movie-related.

In this video, I will review Apple TV, Smart TV and Roku. Ill also give a comparison of Netflix vs Hulu Plus, both of which have apps that work on Apple TV, Roku and Smart TVs. They also work well on iPhones and iPads. I dont have any Android products, but I am certain they work well on those devices, too.

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