Breast cancer risk factors

Breast cancer risk factors

Risk factors for breast cancer are various , and unfortunately not all of them are avoidable . Female with positive risk factors commonly have breast cancer early and most of them have to some extent not good prognosis

Genetic factors play very important rule , as about from 5-10 % of females with breast cancer , occur due to mutation in suppressor genes , these genes are mainly BRACA1 which lie in chromosome number 17 , and BRACA 2 which lie in chromosome number 13 , breast cancer with positive of one of these genes , characterize mainly by arising in young age and cancer seen bilaterally ( in both breasts ) .

Family history or positive family history is another important factor as the risk increase in female with positive mother or sister breast cancer history by two or even three times , and if female have both mother and sister history it arise up to 14 times!

Females who exposed to long time of estrogen which not opposed by progesterone which seen in female with early menarche and late menopause , seen also in nullipara , or even mutlipara but not lactating , also seen in female running on oral contraceptive pills , as that long time of estrogen exposure lead to over growth of breast tissue , which later transform into malignancy.

Fat females or who eat high fat diet are also at risk , as the fat inside fat cells converse into estriol , which is estrogen sub type characterize by being weak , but long acting hormone , so it has the same effect of unopposed estrogen.

Race also play a rule as records show , breast cancer affecting mainly white females more than Asian or African one.

Females with previous history of benign tumors also are in great risk , also females with previous cancer are at risk , also who have previous history of radiation therapy to chest , all these increase risk for breast cancer.

There are other risks , such as alcohol in take , decrease physical activity and increase in weight.

Generally females should screen regularly for breast cancer , but those who have positive risk factors should not forget to check up for their breast

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