Drinking Carrot Juice as a Cancer Cure - Healthy Living Wire

Drinking Carrot Juice as a Cancer Cure - Healthy Living Wire

Drinking Carrot Juice as a Cancer Cure

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Jackie Bargas

Do you know anyone, relatives or friends who are battling with cancer?  Have you heard any possible natural treatments that they can undergo with other than the usual medical treatments like chemotherapy?  If you want to help any person who has been suffering with cancer, you may suggest them to try drinking carrot juice as part of their diet to help them fight with the disease.

There were different testimonials about the effectiveness of drinking carrot juice in treating different individuals who are suffering from cancer.  Two of them is Ann Cameron and Ralph Cole.  Here’s the story how they used carrot juice as their treatment for their cancer:

 Five Pounds of Carrot Juiced Daily

Ann came across a man who had treated his cancer with nothing but carrots. His name was Ralph Cole, and he had treated his squamous cell neck cancer by drinking 5 pounds of carrot juice daily. Ralph shared his ‘carrot curing protocol’ freely with anyone who would listen. Here’s his blog.

He warned that he had tried three pounds daily without success, but the five pounds per day did the trick. He has been cancer free for seven years now and he now only juices occasionally.

On November 17, 2012, Ann began a daily regimen of 5 pounds of juiced carrots, which produced one quart to a quart and one-third. Ann juiced in the morning, drank a glass and then refrigerated the rest, which she finished off throughout the day. Ann faithfully continued juicing five pounds of carrots daily, but there was an occasional non-juice day thrown in, just as Ralph Cole did.

Ann had no chemo, no radiation and no other dietary modifications except the added carrot juice. She continued eating some meat and sometimes indulged in various unhealthy foods, including ice cream.

According to different researches made in Denmark and UK, carrots have falcarinol.  Falcarinol is an antioxidant and is proven to have anticancer properties.  Based on the studies made, this antioxidant has reduced 1/3 of cancerous tumors found in mice and rats.  As such, this can prove that drinking carrot juice is really effective in treating cancerous tumors.

Another study conducted said that consuming carrot juice has helped breast cancer survivors by increasing their blood levels of carotenoids.

With the different researches and studies made, carrot juice can definitely help someone who is fighting with cancer.  Maybe it’s because of its interesting characteristic, its molecular components that looks similar to human blood.

Having different diseases such as cancer is something that we shouldn’t be afraid of.  This is because we can get the right medicine just at our backyard or at the grocery store to get rid of any diseases and to keep ourselves healthier.  We don’t need to obsess ourselves with the different medical treatment and drugs we must take to treat ourselves.  We just need to know and identify the right natural food our bodies need.

Share this information to others.  Let your family and friends know how carrot juice can help them.

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