March  2015  simplenaturalhealthytips

March 2015 simplenaturalhealthytips

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DIY Easy, Natural Baby Food, Squeeze Packs and Green Smoothies!

Whether youre making your own baby food, squeeze packs, or green smoothies, it can be intimidating at first. I started simple and then got more creative in many cases, its as easy as just blending a few ingredients.

For baby food, depending on the stage, I introduced one food at a time and kept it very simple sweet potato, squash, carrots, avocado, etc. Id mix tofu with fruit (check out my other videos for recipes). Then Id mix two veggies, or add in a fruit.

For squeeze packs, I pick many of the same flavors I see on store-bought packs. I stick with mostly veggie and add a little fruit like my daughters favorite sweet potato, spinach and apple. I blend it with milk, and sometimes will add probiotics, greek yogurt, local honey (great for allergies), aloe vera juice, tofu, or flaxseed powder.

For green smoothies, I add frozen cubes from the baby food or toddler packs, and add whatever else I want. That way, I never have to have everything on hand at once. Any time I have extra spinach, carrots, etc., I turn it into cubes. When not using cubes, I start with veggies like spinach and avocado, add some fruit, greek yogurt, green tea, and then add any of the following probiotics, aloe vera juice, lemon, hemp seeds, chia seeds, local honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, currents, or flaxseed powder.

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Click here for my video tutorial:

Check out  more on cubes and my favorite tip on an easy, sustainable process for storing it, check out my post:

Its my refined process after sticking it out and getting creative with it knowing that this doesnt have to be time-consuming, so I can really spend my time where it matters!

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There are a lot of DIY deep conditioner recipes, but as you may know, I only post recipes I love and regularly use. I love how my hair feels after this treatment, better than any other. I also love that I always have these ingredients, so I dont have to worry about having an avocado or banana on hand.

If your hair is thick or long, you may want to double the recipe. Simply mix the ingredients and apply it to your hair, then leave on for 30 minutes. Heres the one drawback to this recipe you have to rinse it out in cold water or youll end up with cooked egg in your hair! I rinse in cold water and mild shampoo. While the cold water is a drawback the way it makes my hair feel, its worth doing at least weekly the end result is moisture I only get with this recipe!

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DIY Easy, Natural Baby Food, Squeeze Packs and Green Smoothies!

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