Raw Honey Benefits : Miracle Superfood From Mothernature

Raw Honey Benefits : Miracle Superfood From Mothernature

Honey Bees - Life Cycle
Honey Bees - Life Cycle

Raw honey is nature’s answer to a candy. Plus it is the ultimate health candy! Raw honey benefits are many and definitely having a teaspoon of honey outweighs a teaspoon of processed white sugar any day!

So what is it that makes raw honey so valuable? If we take a close look at honey, it is a wonderful mixture of dextrose and fructose. Simple sugars that go straight into our body’s blood without having our digestive system to do any work. There are also traces of enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are valuable and beneficial to our body.

How is honey made? The little bees made it! Do you know that during the entire long summer, a single bee can only produce only half a teaspoon of honey? Thus it takes an entire united bee colony to produce a lot of honey. Plus, there are no bad honey. All honeys are GOOD, they are products of hard work from the busy bees. The only bad honey we get are those that are processed badly by us, humans. For example, honey that are treated using unprofessional or unclean treatment or heated over 40 degrees celsius are often of inferior quality. Thus when you buy honey, you have to be careful of where you buy from and if possible, do buy raw honey instead!

Known for its healing properties, raw honey has already been used as a natural remedy to alleviate coughs and colds quick when taken with other helpful herbs since the olden days. Here are some ways this wondrous golden liquid called honey is being used :

- Finding hard to sleep at night? Try this : get some tea that is made with lemon balm, orange blossom, hops, valerian, avena sativa or passiflora. Then add some honey to sweeten the tea. Drink this warm concoction before you go to bed. This has been known to help promote and maintain a good night of undisturbed sleep.

- Grate some horseradish and then mix it with some raw honey. And voila, you’ve gotten a natural and effective antibiotic that is excellent for strained vocal cords or hoarseness. No side effects included! You can even use that same mixture and use it on your old, slowly healing wounds. This is one of the tried and proven natural remedy using honey that has astounding effect on the wound.

- There is also the amazing relief that raw honey brings to sufferers of arthritis and gout. Just add one teaspoon of comfrey tincture with about four tablespoons of honey and then put this in cup to be heared in a bain-marie. Then just use a cloth and soak three or four times in this hot honey preparation. Then remove the cloth and apply the cloth to areas or joints where the pain is worst. Most likely it will be the hands, elbows, knees or feet. You can placed the cloth even overnight to gain the best effect. For some, they find the heat comforting and so you can put some heated cherry stones on the cloth so that the heat can last longer. Another known preparation that is effective is to use hot and moist hayflower or chamomile.

- As honey is the world’s best carbohydrate and the body can easily assimilate it, it is no wonder that honey has been used frequently as an effective accelerator or “booster” of all natural remedies to soothe the respiratory organs. You can test this out by simply taking the indicated number of drops of a natural remedy with a teaspoon of honey or drinking some warm water that is sweetened with honey. Medicines taken with raw honey has been proven (at least for me! ) to work faster and are stronger in relieving colds and catarrh, the bronchials or the lungs.

With so much benefits that raw honey brings, don’t you think it’s time you get some?



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