To Lose the Last 10 pounds

To Lose the Last 10 pounds

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One of the most challenging things mothers have to face is getting back into shape after giving birth. I remember when I became pregnant with my first child, I had very unusual cravings that seemed totally out of character for me. I craved ice cream and dairy products--not soy milk or nonfat milk--but the thick, creamy stuff that I knew was loaded with calories and was not that healthy for me. However, my obstetrician reassured me that it was my body''s way of telling me I needed calcium.

I gained over 45 pounds during the nine-month long adventure. And I did not make an earnest attempt at losing the weight until my son was 6 months old and could sit up fairly well. It was then that I took off to the track at the local high school. I hired a student who could babysit him in the center grassy patch while I did my 2 laps, then 3, then 4 around the track. I worked consistently to lose the extra weight. And everything seemed to melt away until... the last 10 pounds.

This last little bit of weight was very stubborn and despite my stringent diet and regular running, the weight refused to come off. I remember searching high and low for a solution to this final bit of what I then perceived as a "problem." Having only 10 pounds to lose might not have seemed "a big deal" to my friends and family, but what they did not realize was that my body shape had shifted... yes... shifted to the hips. The extra 10 pounds stayed on my hips and no matter how hard I tried, I could not fit comfortably back into the pants or trousers I wore before pregnancy. At that time, these final few pounds were more than aggravating.

Sheer vanity made it difficult for me to accept them because things were not easy on the fashion front. Even though I could squeeze into my regular clothes, they looked horrible on me. Moreover, I could not sit down comfortably in them as I was popping buttons and zippers all over the place. The maternity outfits that I lived in for 9 months were comfortable to wear, but more than ever, I felt like a cow in them. So I avoided them like the plague.