A Health Assurance Program

A Health Assurance Program

A Health Assurance Program

The cost of being sick has skyrocketed causing per capita medical expenses to escalate from $1067 in 1980 to $4,887, according to the October 20, 2003 issue of Business Week. The U.S. is expected to spend $2 trillion in healthcare expenditures in 2004.

By 2012, many experts forecast that per capita medical expenses will approach the $10,000 mark, more than twice what it is now. Trends indicate that healthcare insurance alone may cost you more than you are paying for your monthly rent or mortgage.

How can you protect the health of your family
and reduce your personal health care costs?

Omnipotent Health is dedicated to providing wellness services to assist you in taking a preventive approach as it relates to the war on health. This includes offering the best nutritional supplements and services for you and your family at an economical value.

We offer to you a “Free Wellness for Life” Health Assurance Program where you can receive valuable nutritional training from a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and a continuous supply of life-enhancing Optimal Health or Lean-Body supplements for free (after applicable rebates).

Achieve true wellness for you and your family
for as little as $0 per month

Program Benefits:

  • Attain wellness by balancing the body systems and preventing disease
  • Receive patented, nutraceutical products supported by scientific validation
  • Receive enough wellness products to achieve tangible results
  • Receive up to $1500 in rebate checks for referrals
  • Receive $100 rebate each month to cover your monthly premium
  • Receive “free wellness” for an unlimited time period

By participating in this referral-based program and sharing the gift of wellness with others, not only will you benefit health-wise, but you will save money as well.

Be sure to inquire about this special service!



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