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Getting Healthy in seconds: A Health Counselor''s view (from my Examiner.com article) 05/25/2010

0 Comment(s) Have you ever heard of the Food Police? I would assume that you haven''t. They''re those people that sit next to someone in a restaurant and advise them on what to order, how much (or little) to eat and when to eat it. Worse than that they are known to stop someone in mid-bite to tell them how unhealthy something is and why they should not be enjoying each succulent morsel. Sometimes friends and family members are employed by the food police, but sometimes complete strangers may be doing volunteer work.We live in a society where results are expected at light speed. There''s a pill for every ill. If someone has let their health slide, they expect the same to be true. Although, it took years to get that unhealthy, they assume that simply making a decision to feel better will make it so. Although this has been known to make a difference it certainly will not change the situation overnight. Good health is not instantaneous. Simply ask any "Biggest Loser" contestant.A Food Police volunteer may expect someone to turn their cravings on and off like a light switch. They would expect you to immediately stop eating any of the "bad" foods and eat the healthiest diet on the planet immediately and forever. A health counselor understands that this is not realistic. The good news is that one second is all it takes to live a healthier life.This may sound simplistic, but there are 86,400 seconds in each day. Each one is an opportunity. It is a chance to choose to snack on vegetables instead of chips, an opening to decide NOT to go for seconds, a shot at taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Each second is your lucky break. Even government programs such as Small Step tout these options as beacons on your road to good health. While looking at the big picture (you have 100 pounds to lose or you are pre-diabetic for example) may scare you and discourage you from even starting the journey, if you look at each moment as your chance live a better life perhaps the task might not seem so daunting

The 30 day Cleansing and Fat Burning System! 11/03/2009

0 Comment(s) When I first started using the Isagenix products I started with a 30 day system. For this reason it is still the pak that I recommend for most people wanting to lose weight.This pak has the largest product sampling and also contains many products to aid in giving your metabolism a head start. It might be a little complex, but the results are worth it.If I told you that you would need to spend an extra five minutes each day to release and extra 2 pounds a week (roughly)....would you be willing to do it?

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I love to help people get healthy. All of my life I have been a nurturer and feel like now I have found the vehicle to do it in.There is nothing better than seeing someone get healthier and knowing that you were a part of the support system that helped them get there. You could also view my articles on Examiner.com



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