Healthy and Well treated Facial Skin

Healthy and Well treated Facial Skin


Some women whether entering early teenage age as well adults always do a variety of skin care to always look white, clean, and attractive. Most rely on beauty products with chemical contents dangerous enough to human skin because they tend to cause a variety of skin problems. The question that must be answered is why so many women choose chemical-based skin care products when skin care with natural ingredients promising results that are not much different.

Chemicals normally present in the skin care products is mercury, a hazardous chemical substance which, if used continuously on the skin then it could have implications for the incidence of cancer. So choose natural ingredients for your skin to keep the adequate nutritional requirements fulfilled.

Some natural ingredients recommended its use for the treatment of skin beauty is yam, cucumber, avocado, turmeric and carrot. All of these natural ingredients give a cooling effect on the skin so that the skin becomes moist, the skin pores open so piles of dead skin cells and oil will be flushed out. In addition to its benefits, the application is also easy, just blender one of this natural ingredients and rub on the skin of the face or other areas you want to give the treatment. Let it there until dry, after that then wash with water. In order to maximize the results, do these natural treatments three times a week.

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