Torque Power is a performance supplement that fuels your muscles during high intensity exercise, and provides tremendous immediate post-workout energy refuel.

  • Fuels your muscles!
  • Activates muscle growth!
  • Builds lean mass, strength and power!
  • Increases speed and explosive movements!

After recording amazing results from Amino-BHD, the first predecessor to Torque Power creatine, Dr. Silber designed an even more effective and explosive creatine formula called CreaSafe.

Specifically designed to replenish your muscles’ energy stores faster, this super supplement was soon being used by Olympic and professional athletes from all over the U.S. and internationally, including Russia, china, Israel, Canda, Italy, Greece and Australia. Gaining enormous popularity and proving astoundingly effective for athletes across the globe, Dr. Silber continued to work on improving his creatine for its absolute maximum performance.

Torque Power is the third generation of these wonder formulas. It uses ground-breaking manufacturing technology that sustainably safeguards the formula’s biochemical and physiological potency and extends its shelf life. This magic supplement fuels your muscles with the amazing short-term energy they need to push out more reps, run faster, work longer and harder, build bigger and get stronger.

Your body makes creatine naturally in your liver, where it combines three non-essential amino acids. About 95% of that creatine lives in your muscles, while the remaining amounts travel to your brain, heart and other body cells. When you consume creatine, it travels through your blood stream to the muscle cells, where it becomes creatine phosphate.

So what is it good for? Creatine phosphate is the fuel that your body uses in very short-term energy bursts. Think strength training, weight lifting or sports that require short, fast bursts of activity.

Muscular contractions work off of the power of a molecular fuel called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). After 5 to 10 seconds, fuel starts to run low. When your muscles run out of ATP, creatine phosphate helps to replenish your reserves. The creatine phosphate stored in muscles is your body’s go-to source for immediate fuel.

Depending on how much you have in your muscle stores, you can hope to get another 15 to 20 seconds of additional work from your muscles. That could mean pushing out several more monster reps on bench press, or spurting for another sprint in your cardio circuit.

The more creatine you have stored in your muscles, the more work your muscles can do. The stonger you’re going to be and the more explosive your results!


  • Builds up your stores of creatine phosphate in the muscle!

  • Gives you more energy and power to blast up that weight!

  • Helps you to burn more calories and move faster!