High Blood Sugar Can Cause Weight Gain

High Blood Sugar Can Cause Weight Gain

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You will have heard that blood sugar is something to do with diabetics, which is partly true but it can also affect people who have not got it and can cause you to have energy levels that fly so high and so low that you do not know whether you are going or coming. So that you can understand which foods will keep your levels as they should be I have written an explanation that we can all understand.

The one thing when you have your levels tested you will be asked is when you last ate. The time that you ate last could greatly affect the outcome and not being honest about it could give you false results. The closer to the time you have eaten the more chance you have of getting a higher result which is why this is taken into account.

If you have been starved for the test or have not had anything in the last few hours the normal outcome should be over 80 yet below 120. The normal levels are different if you have eaten as it gives you more leeway allowing you to stay within normal levels up to 160. You may wonder why this is if you have a diet that is low in sugars but you could be consuming natural kinds without even thinking much into it. Foods like bread and rice contain a natural kind and these also show up on your results.

You will have noticed on some foods now more than ever that they have a GI index. This tells you whether the sugars and carbohydrates you are consuming have a high or a low level. Knowing this information will help you decide what to eat at what time of the day to maintain a healthy level of sugar in your blood.

Most foods give you some form of energy but the rate they are released can vary and is something you should think about. When you take in too much energy food and have no way of burning it off, if you are in a job where you sit all day you will find that it will be stored around the stomach.

When people had to hunt for the food they wanted the way humankind survived is to store the energy as fat. This was useful back then, but now it is the reason why so many people are overweight, taking in way more than they actually need to.

Some sugars will take longer than others will to get into your blood which means the energy is being released slowly. Other kinds will give you a quick burst of energy that you may need before a race or similar but not last long enough to see you till your next meal.

If the GI level is in excess of 56 it is deemed as too high for regular day to day activities, anything that is below 55 is the best to buy if you are not doing anything too strenuous such as going to the gym or taking part in any other physical activity that requires you to have more energy than you would need in a normal day.

When thinking about what you should and should not eat each day look at the things you will be doing. Not only will you feel better inside, it will show outside too and a diet that contains the right amount of sugar for your daily regime has been proven to get rid of excess fat around the stomach area. Always remember when you are looking at the amount of fat in a food that you should also check for the sugars too because they could also affect your health and general well being.

It is important that you obtain a healthy blood sugar level. It is important that you keep a good diet so that you can stay healthy. There are many experts voicing their advice on this.http://tommiehoward.offershop.us/health/Syntra-5-Offer



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