Worksite Health Programs : Worksite Health Promotion Program: Conducting Employer Assessment

Worksite Health Programs : Worksite Health Promotion Program: Conducting Employer Assessment

The first step in starting your wellness/Employee Health Promotion Program is to understand your organization and how Employee Health Promotion Program will fit into the current structure. By researching your organization’s history with similar programs and eliciting feedback from co-employees, you can find the best solution for your organization.
Employee Health Promotion Program: Research Questions
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The expenditures of health care have been rising more than 10 percent each year for several years. A substantial amount of the money invested in the health care system treats costly illnesses and diseases.
• Approximately 95 percent of the $1.4 trillion that we spend as a nation on health goes to direct medical services, while [...]

According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, “Health promotion is the science and art of helping people alter their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health. Optimal health is defined as a balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. Lifestyle modification can be facilitated through a combination of efforts to [...]

5 Ways to Review and Improve Your staff members’ Health
Emotional health is a state of wellness that comes from understanding and acknowledging our emotions and finding appropriate ways to express them. As staff members, we frequently bring emotional problems from our childhood or current family life into the workplace because we haven’t dealt with them [...]

25 percent Jump in Employer Interest in Employee Health and Wellness
Worksite wellness for their staff members, businesses are discovering, is great for the health of their businesses as well. Employee Health Promotion Programs help to cut the costs associated with poor employee health, which include absenteeism, loss of work rate and poor work quality.
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It is obvious to almost all Americans (especially those of us in business) that health care costs are skyrocketing out of control. No one doubts that either the market will solve the problem OR the government will impose one on us. Managed care has failed from either a cost containment or quality of care perspective. [...]

Research spanning more than a decade has consistently established Employee Health Promotion Programs to be fiscally effective and that every dollar invested on a corporate wellness program can return $2.30 and $10.10 by lowering absenteeism, sick day usage and by lowering insurance costs. Additionally it is noted that there are marked improvements in employee effectiveness [...]

Some of the top wellness programs currently in use today include:
Health Risk Assessments or HRAs
Health Risk Assessment is a top corporate wellness program currently in use globally. Employers that enable it determine the safety and health issues of employees by the assessment of appropriateness of the facilities and equipment against the needs of the employees.
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Wellness is a great concept. It brings happiness into health and encourages a truly holistic approach to life. Wikipedia defines wellness as a healthy balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It sounds like exactly what every one is looking for. But when you start to talk about [...]

High rates of employee turnover and the expenditures of sick days are increasingly taking bites into employer profits. The high cost of recruitment programs only adds to the challenges that these concerns in total cost the average employer. Many companies are finding the solution to these challenges by increasing job satisfaction, team building, and the [...]

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