Colorectal Cancer treatment triggers Erectile Dysfunction

Colorectal Cancer treatment triggers Erectile Dysfunction

Colorectal Cancer treatment triggers Erectile Dysfunction

Despite of use of advanced technology and enormous research in the treatment of colorectal cancer, surgery remains the only treatment for a better cure. The human colon is a muscular tube shaped organ with a size of about 4 feet long which extends from the end of your small bowel to your anus, and then turning through your complete abdomen. Colorectal cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell growth, a condition called as “neoplasia” in the colon and rectum. The treatment of colorectal cancer is of 4 types

Radiation Therapy
Targeted Therapies

Surgery has always remained the primary treatment, while the other three are used depending upon the stages of the cancer.

Curative surgical treatment can be performed if the tumor is localized wherein the polyp can be removed completely. So surgery has always remained the safest mode of treatment but if the cancer reaches the later stage then it gets complicated and the Doctor needs to adopt Radiation or Chemotherapy as an option for treatment.

Oncologic cure and overall survival are the main goals of treatment of colorectal cancer, but functional results such as urinary functioning and sexual functioning are also the key points considered while giving a treatment. Radiation therapy can be used for the colon but it becomes difficult to the give the same kind of treatment to the rectal part because of the complication involved in it. But after giving the treatment it was found that most men treated for colorectal cancer experienced erectile dysfunction. It was found that more than 60% of men who underwent the treatment experienced ED, although few of them reported no particular lack of interest in sex but they felt less masculine and described about much lower sexual activity, capability and enjoyment. Some of the men reported reduction in sexual fantasy, perceptions of masculinity and social gathering with women but the greatest and the most concerned part was of that group which reported very high sexual desire but the lowest sexual functioning.

Most of these men are not aware that the surgery has actually caused Erectile Dysfunction to them and this was because they were not adequately informed about the complications involved in the treatment of colorectal cancer. The way in which a man experience ED may be mitigated by the timeliness and the quality of information available to them. Now there is more awareness from health care professionals to give more advice and guidelines to patients undergoing colorectal treatment to help them in getting adjusted to treatment related erectile dysfunction, changed sexual function and impaired sense of masculinity. The role played by the Clinicians has thus proved very important as most of them tend to avoid discussing sexual matter and patients often fails to raise social and emotional issues.

But Medical practitioners have certainly played a very important role in post surgery of the patient. Patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction can now be easily treated with the help of Generic Viagra; this drug has been found to be very effective and safe in treating Erectile Dysfunction. In case of patient suffering from ED, but who has desire to have sex, in such cases Generic Viagra has outclassed other options of treatment. Since it’s a known fact that treatment of all cancer comes with some complications and the same goes with the treatment of colorectal cancer as well. Erectile Dysfunction was the most highlighted point in this agenda but with effective treatment options like Generic Viagra available should make the clinicians easy in convincing the patients about the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Colorectal Cancer when diagnosed in an earlier stage, can be treated with the minimum number if side-effects. As also, surgery is considered to be the best option but is not necessary that the same treatment option would be effective to the same extent for everyone. Although Generic Viagra is an absolutely safe medicine and can very well be taken without prescription, when the people taking it are also on other prescribed medicines for treatment for conditions like Cancer, an element of care should be taken into consideration. For better chances of recovery, healthy lifestyle, exercises like yoga should be inculcated along with the medicines.

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