Do you tell people what to do?

Do you tell people what to do?

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Do you tell people what to do?

February 4, 2011 By Nick Leave a Comment

Have you ever left a conversation with someone and you feel like the whole time they were telling you how you should do something.  You should eat more, you should eat less, you should run, you should bike, you should take this supplement, you should.bla.bla.bla.How does that make you feel?  Like you are doing something wrong or that the person across from you doesnt think that you know what is going on in your life?  Right?  Telling people what to do and how to do it, is a very ineffective way to get your point across.

Believe me, if someone is overweight, they know it.  If someone is sick all the time, they know it.  If their energy is low, they know it.  If they drink too much coffee, they know it.  So, why do you feel like you should tell people what to do?  If anything, it causes a physiological setback in the persons progress.  It does!!! To some extent they have to figure it out themselves, also, it is possible that YOUR assumptions are INCORRECT about that person.

I am very open and will let you in on something that has been bothering me. Something that people are very INCORRECT about. It is a constant problem lately and I think that whatever problem you are going through in your life, you can relate.

When I played college and professional soccer, I had a GYM body.  I was 220 pounds of solid muscle playing what I think is one of the hardest positions in all of athletics.A soccer Goalkeeper. I was this big because I focused on activities that developed fast twitch muscles.  Sprinting, weight lifting, plyometrics, quick movements.etc.  I was a big dude.

In the last few years my body has turned from a GYM body to a YOGA body.  A yoga body is completely different!! In my eyes.for ME, it is the most beautiful, healthy looking body that you will ever see.  It is a lean body that is filled with flow and lengthened muscles.  The balance of stretch and power combine to create a healthy place for your body to survive.  A place where you dont carry extra weight, your metabolism is quick and your energy is high.

To get a yoga body it takes time, but once it happens, it really happens.  Your muscles lean out, your endurance intensifies, it is amazing.

I have hit the point where my body has turned from a bulky gym body to a lean, mean machine of a yoga body.  Even though you might get comments about being overweight, or whatever it might be, lately people have felt that they need to tell ME how I should eat so that I can keep my muscle strength and size.   A lot of people think that I am super skinny and I hear comments, like you should be careful and Youre really thin, and Are you eating enough, and you need to eat more of this and you should take this, and blabla.bla.  Wait a seccond, have you looked at my website, do you know what I do for a living?  Did you know that every day, I eat between 6 and 8 meals?  Did you know that I have a higher energy level than most people I know and I dont drink any artificial stimulants, like coffee?  Did you know that I can stand on my hands?  Did you know that I sleep like a baby and wake up with energy?  DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAVENT BEEN SICK IN 4 years?  I can give you more, if you want.  It is pretty ignorant of people, but really it is because they dont understand.

There are reasons people tell you what they think you should do and how you should do it.  The number one reason that they do this is because they are insecure about what they look like.  The number two reason is that people are not educated enough to know that not one body is the same.NOT ONE!  So what works for you, might not work for another.  The number three reason is because they live a different lifestyle that they are comfortable with and because it is comfortable to them, they assume that it would be comfortable for everyone else.  But mainly, it is because they feel like they need to tell everyone what to do.  That in my opinion is a big insecurity.

I have even heard, you dont have any muscle or fat on your body, what if you get sick, you will have no reserves.  haha!  Really? Do you think that having a tub for a stomach and eating pounds of red meat every week will keep me healthier? I am not worried about getting sick in the first place.  Im not planning on getting sick, are you?? Did you read above that I havent been sick for 4 years.  How long has it been since you were sick?  hum.

This is why I have taken the approach that I have in life.  I teach yoga, a place where I can encourage people to change their own life but giving them things to think about.  This is why I distribute a health product to people who approach me about the product and are genuinely interested.  I never push something on someone.  I create a space where people can find out about what I do. This is why I have so many good relationships and why I have so many wonderful clients that have completely overhauled their health in the last few years.  It is simple, I dont tell people what to do.

Even though I know people have good intentions, it is more important for people to work on themselves and allow people to find their way.  If they are asking for help, it is okay to lead them in the right direction, but by telling someone what to do, or how you feel like they look, you are screaming to the world that you are insecure about yourself.  Dont agree? Comment below.

The truth is this.  If someone does have an issue with their health or life, then they have to be willing to make a change. My buddy Jeff always says it best, only you can change you.  It isnt easy to do that if someone is on you all the time.  So back off of people or take the time to understand how their body and life functions, maybe you will learn how to improve who you are, as none of us are perfect!!

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