Health and - How to sit

Health and - How to sit

use of the pc will be called "the 90 degrees one" and its

first condition is to be comfortable, with the least possible effort

and in contact with the places you lean on.

- Try to line up starting with the bones that lean on your seat

until the upper part of your head (parietals). You can oscillate

from 90 degrees to 110 if your chair allows it.

- Your feet totally on the floor, if that is not

- The elbow joint must be in a position around

90 degrees, alternating with rest on the armrest while you are not

- Wrists must be lined up with the forearm.

Use all fingers to type if you can.

- Your gaze, 90 degrees again! You must look

at the upper part of the screen and to a distance of 50 to

70 cm. Sometimes it is necessary to put a case or a similar

object under the monitor to get the best placement.

- It is convenient that lightning be indirect,

so as not disturb your field of vision and to avoid dazzling

(for more information you can write to,

Fundacion de Investigacions Visuales Franco Matiello).

An ergonomic seat must have a back, adjustable

height and armrests. The armchair shown on the video is courtesy

of architect Mora Chague, a designer and representative of

Muebles Confortables (for more information you can check

access to the complete program you will be required

They are very simple and easy to follow anytime you can,

is why they are not shown on the video.Try it! Click here